Sabine Schneider

Sabine Schneider

Software Developer & Teacher

About Me

I’m a software developer and teacher from South Tyrol. I love implementing software for different purposes using various techniques. I've collaborated at different software and research projects in Italy and Austria.

Past Projects

I collaborated with eCTRL Solutions at various projects, among them the EU project EMeSch (2013-2016), Travel monitor, the portals of APT Trento, Biella, Livigno and Explora Tourism, the mobile applications for Peschici and Biella and the EU project VisitFinland (2009/2010).

I've implemented two software projects for ArtFul Data Solutions, for the red cross of Styria (2009).

I collaborated with the Institute for Theoretical Computer Science (IGI) at Graz, University of Technology at the EU projects Brain-i-Nets, ORGANIC and BrainScaleS (2011/2012).

I worked with CPR and eCTRL Solutions at the EU project HarmoSearch (2012).


I finished the national secondary school of economics (Handelsoberschule) with the classification exam (Matura) in 2006. After that, I started my studies in Applied Computer Science at the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano in the same year and finished these studies with the Bachelor of Science (Laurea) in 2009 with my thesis about "A WAP-Based System to Provide Ubiquitous Access to Tourists' Travel Plan Information" which was supervised by Prof.Dr. Francesco Ricci.

In 2009 I went to Graz for my Master of Science. I studied Computer Science at the Graz, University of Technology, with specializations in computational intelligence and multimedia information systems. I finished my studies as Dipl.Ing. (Master of Science) in 2012 with the thesis "Analysis of Probabilistic Inference in Recurrent Networks of Spiking Neurons" supervised by o.Univ.-Prof.Dr. Wolfgang Maass.


[2011] Master's Thesis: Analysis of Probabilistic Inference in Recurrent Networks of Spiking Neurons. At the Institute for Theoretical Computer Science, IGI, at Graz, University of Technology. Supervisor: O.Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.rer.nat. Wolfgang Maass. Assessor: Dipl.-Phys. Johannes Bill. [link]

[2010] Sabine Schneider, Francesco Ricci, Adriano Venturini, and Elena Not. Usability Guidelines for WAP-based Travel Planning Tools. In Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2010, p.125-136, Springer. [link] [google book] [pdf]

[2009] Bachelor's Thesis: A WAP-Based System to Provide Ubiquitous Access to Tourists' Travel Plan Information. At the Free University of Bolzano/Bozen. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Francesco Ricci.


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